The Department of Pathology is committed to fostering a diverse community of scholars that is encouraging and welcoming to all faculty, fellows, residents, students, and staff. This is reflected in efforts to increasing the recruitment, retention, and advancement of individuals from under-represented groups as well as to promote an inclusive environment across the department.

The Department of Pathology recognizes the importance of role models among the faculty in recruitment and promotion to enrich the intellectual life and quality of its programs. A diverse scientific/clinical workforce promotes scientific advances, better healthcare outcomes, and better training opportunities. To this end, enhancing gender balance and diversity is a high priority for the department in terms of training, hiring, and retention.

Diversity and Equity Committee Members

Christine Disteche, PhD (Committee Chair); Professor
Shreeram Akilesh, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor
Jennifer Davis, PhD; Assistant Professor
Arianna Gomez, M3D PhD Program
Paula Jenkins Colon, MD, MS; Fellow
Mitchell Lee, PhD; 
William Mahoney, Jr., PhD; Associate Professor
Behzad Najafian, MD; Associate Professor
Rosana Risques, PhD; Assistant Professor
Annie Samraj, MBBS; Resident
Maria Tretiakova, MD, PhD; Associate Professor
Jessica Young, PhD; Assistant Professor