Molecular Medicine Courses

Mechanisms of Disease

PATH 550
3 credits

This course has been developed as the ‘cornerstone’ course of the M3D PhD program curriculum and is designed to provide students with an overview of the major organ systems affected by human disease and the major cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of human disease. Importantly, this course provides students with insight into […]

Scientific Ideas at Work

1.5 credits

This course examines how basic science becomes intellectual property and then a commercially viable therapeutic or diagnostic. It introduces the vocabulary of commercialization, and explains how scientific expertise can be applied via consulting and collaboration. Speakers include scientists from local biotech with experience in developing new drugs, UW faculty who have launched successful startups, and […]

Medicine in Action / Chief of Medicine Rounds

1.5 credits

Autumn, Winter, Spring

“Medicine in Action” (MolMed540) is a weekly course based on Chief of Medicine Rounds, an ongoing conference for discussion of patients on inpatient and outpatient services at the UW Medical Center. Each week the focus will be on a different disease, as exemplified by a case, including results of diagnosis, pathology and autopsy findings whenever […]

Clinical Human Medical Genetics

This course requires extensive preparation, including online trainings and vaccinations, that must begin at minimum the quarter before you plan to take the course. Please carefully read through the information about preparing for MOLMED 513.

4 credits

Course Description and Objective Students enrolled in the MOLMED 513 will observe and participate in patient evaluations in Medical Genetics clinics at the University of Washington Medical Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital. This will allow graduate students to gain insight and experience into the clinical implications of biomedical research, as well as understanding how questions […]

Molecular Medicine Seminar, MolMed514

3 Credits


This course focuses on the impact of basic science on medicine and medical practice. In this quarter-long course, patient case histories are used to introduce key areas of clinical research and investigative medicine. An important aim is to introduce clinical problems in a way that is directly accessible to graduate students, to facilitate the reading […]