Research & Clinical Summary

Research & Clinical Summary:

My research focuses on the molecular mechanisms regulating cell metabolism and energetics.  A long-term goal of my laboratory is to understand the role of mitochondria and metabolism in the pathogenesis of human diseases, in particular cardiovascular diseases. We have utilized molecular and genetic approaches to identify and perturb specific regulators of energy metabolism in mice and subsequently interrogated the physiological and biochemical responses in vivo using multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy, proteomics and metabolomics. Our recent work seeks to decipher the mechanistic links between oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria and cell growth and survival during chronic stresses. Results of these studies identified an important role of cellular redox state in diseases that has gone to clinical trial.


Interests: Cardiovascular Development & Disease, Cell Signaling, Metabolism, Metabolome


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2298Tian, Rong

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