MolMed 504: Challenges in Cancer Immunotherapy

1.5 credits

Pelton Auditorium, FHCRC

Each year, this class focuses on an important topic in medicine and science. Lectures introduce clinical and basic science background, followed by a seminar/discussion with speakers. Lectures are open to interestd parties. The post-lecture seminar/discussion is open only to enrolled students.

The topic for Spring Quarter 2018 is “Challenges in Cancer Immunotherapy” MolMed 504 is chaired by Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem, Dr. Conrad Liles and Dr. Nancy Maizels.

MolMed 504 Spring Quarter 2018 Schedule

May 3 – Aude G. Chapuis, MD
Assistant Member, Fred Hutch | Assistant Professor, UW
Harnessing the Therapeutic Potential of Genetically Modified Transferred T CellsMay 10 – Martin A. “Mac” Cheever, MD

May 10 – Martin A. “Mac” Cheever, MD
Director, Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network | Member, Fred Hutch | Professor, Oncology, UW
The Dawn of Immune Oncology Dominance: Anti-PD1 and Anti-PD-L1 Therapy

May 17 – Cameron Turtle, MBBS, PhD
Associate Member, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutch | Associate Professor, Oncology, UW
CD19 CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy for B Cell Malignancies

May 24 – Tina Albertson, MD, PhD
VP, Clinical Development, Juno Therapeutics
Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics: A Career Path from Pediatric Oncologist to Industry Physician Scientist

May 31 – Michael Jensen, MD
Director, Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research, SCRI | Professor, Heme-Onc, UW | Joint Member, Fred Hutch
Engineered T Cell Immunity to Cancer

Past topics have included:

2007: Challenges in Malaria
2008: Challenges in Gene Therapy
2009: Hepatitis C Virus–A Global Pandemic
2010: Challenges in Stem Cell Research
2011: The Neurobiology of Addiction
2012: Challenges in Cancer Treatment
2013: Opportunities for innovative applications of technology to disease
2014: Challenges in HIV
2015: Sepsis – A Persistent Challenge in Critically Ill Patients
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