MolMed 514: Molecular Medicine Seminar

3 Credits

M/W: 9:00-10:20 AM
Health Sciences Bldg, Rm. T-530

This course focuses on the impact of basic science on medicine and medical practice. In this quarter-long course, patient case histories are used to introduce key areas of clinical research and investigative medicine. An important aim is to introduce clinical problems in a way that is directly accessible to graduate students, to facilitate the reading of basic science and primary clinical literature on common problems, and to foster participation in the many clinical seminars at the UW and affiliated institutions that are focused on human disease problems. Topics covered are in five major disease areas: inflammation and host response; vascular disease; obesity, weight regulation and appetite; cancer biology; drug development; and gene- and cell-based therapeutics. The interplay between clinical care and investigation will be emphasized both to introduce students to medical practice, and to indicate the impact of basic science on the practice of medicine. This course is taught by faculty who are both practicing physicians and clinician investigators.