MolMed 559 Scientific Ideas at Work

1.5 credits

This course examines how basic science becomes intellectual property and then a commercially viable therapeutic or diagnostic. It introduces the vocabulary of commercialization, and explains how scientific expertise can be applied via consulting and collaboration. Speakers include scientists from local biotech with experience in developing new drugs, UW faculty who have launched successful startups, and representatives of UW Technology Transfer and local investors.

Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:

  • identify possible targets for development of a new therapeutic or diagnostic or platform, based on the current literature
  • conceive of an invention relevant to that target
  • estimate personal and societal impact of a disease, and thereby the potential market for a drug
  • outline the steps by which technology is transferred from the bench to the patient, including
    • patenting an invention
    • developing persuasive evidence of potential utility
    • generating interest in and funds for commercialization