Research Focus

Thesis Project Title: Role of Perivascular Stromal Cells in Lung Injury and Inflammation

The pericyte is a perivascular stromal cell that interacts closely with capillaries in all organs. In the lung, they reside in the space between the endothelial and epithelial barriers. There is evidence that pericytes can detect and respond to injurious stimuli. Given the location of the pericyte and it’s ability to detect injury, we think that pericytes might play a role in regulation of leukocytic infiltration and endothelial barrier permeability in acute lung injury.

Molecular Medicine Training Program training grant

HHMI MedIntoGrad Scholar training grant


Mittelsteadt KL, Hung C, Brauer R, Hastings B, Hallstrand TS, Parks WC, Chen P, Schnapp LM, Liles WC, Duffield JS, and Altemeier WA. Lung PDGFRβ+ stromal cells are interstitial sentinel cells that express a range of Toll-like receptors and up regulate cytokine expression in response to lung injury (pending publication).

Syndecan-1 Potentiates c-Met Signaling to Attenuate Lung Injury During Influenza Infection. Brauer, R, Schlesinger, S, Birkland T, Huang Y, Ge L, Lee,V, Hastings B, McGuire J, Parks W, and Chen P. (pending publication).

Dubois, B., Pearson, J., Hastings, B., Mahmood, T., Alnakhli, A., Cherala, G. Maternal low-protein diet alters the expression of real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction reference genes in an age-, sex-, and organ-dependent manner in rat offspring. Nutr Res. (2013) 33(3):235-241.

Hastings, B. Effect of maternal low protein diet on expression of drug transporters in the blood-brain barrier of adult offspring. Undergraduate thesis. 2012. Available at: