Type of Testing Required Form Optional (if FISH/IFISH is requested)
Constitutional Cytogenetics and Genomics Service Request Form Constitutional FISH/IFISH Supplemental Request Form
Neoplasia Cytogenetics and Genomics Service Request Form Neoplasia IFISH Supplemental Request Form
Research Cytogenetics and Genomics Research Services Request Form  


Specimens are accepted 24hr/day, 7 days/week (see Contact us)

Transportation: Specimens should be delivered to the laboratory as soon as possible.

Ship to:
Cytogenetics and Genomics Laboratory - University of Washington Medical Center, room NW 125
BOX 356100
1959 Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98195

Tel: 206-598-4488 (8:00am to 4:30pm; leave a message after hours)
Fax: 206-598-2610
Email: cytogene@uw.edu