Environmental Pathology/Toxicology

Welcome to the Environmental Pathology/Toxicology Training Program (EP/T).  We are an interdisciplinary NIEHS training program with twenty-seven faculty from three departments in the Schools of Medicine and Public Health.  Our mission is to prepare today's newest scientists to respond to tomorrow's environmental health research needs.

As an EP/T trainee you will:

  • Pursue a Ph.D. or postdoctoral training in one of our three participating departments
  • Enhance your training with courses in environmental health issues, risk assessment, translational research, or molecular population genetics
  • Network with participating UW faculty, trainee-invited guest speakers, and senior EP/T trainees
  • Present your research at UW EP/T seminars and national meetings
  • Join former EP/T trainees pursuing environmental health research across the U.S.


Consider joining us!

Contact Ellen Cravens (cravense@uw.edu) for more information.

Send an email to Ellen Cravens at cravense@uw.edu or contact one of our participating faculty members to learn more.