EP/T: Training Program Required Courses

  • All trainees in the EP/T Training Program must attend the Biomedical Research Integrity Series, offered each summer by the School of Medicine. The EP/T Program requires trainees to attend at least 6 lectures in the series and two discussion groups while in the program.
  • All trainees must participate in the EP/T seminars and present progress twice per year.
  • Predoctoral trainees must take at least one quarter of graduate level toxicology (ENVH405, 514, 515, or 516), and Environmental Pathology (PATH 555).
  • It is also required of all trainees to take at least one course from the following list of courses, during their time of support on the grant.


ENVH 577: Risk Assessment for Enviromental Health Hazards; DEOHS/Public Health - Faustman

ENVH/EPI 570: Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology; DEOHS & Epidemiology/Public Health - Checkoway

PHG/ENVH/PCEUT 513: Basic Concepts in Pharmacogenetics and Toxicogenomics; Public Health Genetics & DEOHS & Pharmaceutics/Public Health, Pharmacy - Eaton, Thummel

GENOME 561: Molecular Population Genetics and Evolution; Genome Sciences/ Medicine - Various

MEBI 541: Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis of Evidence; Medical Education & Biomedical Informatics/Medicine - Wolf

MEBI 536: Bioinformatics and Gene Sequence Analysis; Medical Education & Biomedical Informatics/Medicine - Rose

ENVH 551: Principles of Human Exposure Science - Yost