Visitor Programs

Visiting Medical Students 

We encourage fourth year medical students to visit our residency program. It is a wonderful way for the student to investigate the career of a pathologist from the inside and it allows us a better chance to get to know the student before s/he applies to our residency program. The Visiting Student Program is administered through the UW School of Medicine. Contact them online to begin the registration process.

Visiting Student Registration

The Intersociety Committee on Pathology Information, Inc. has prepared an excellent presentation on the career of the pathologist including training dynamics, subspecialty options, salaries and work/life issues.


Visiting Residents & Fellows

The Visiting Resident Program offers pathology residents and fellows outside of the University of Washington system an opportunity to enhance their study with an experience that is unique to the UW. The visitor needs to develop the 4-6 week rotation in conjunction with a UW Pathology Residency Program faculty member. You need to contact the Program Assistant to request application materials for the visiting rotation at least 4 months prior to the rotation. The application is due 12 weeks before the rotation start date.

Recent visitors have included:

  • Violetta Kolesnikova, MD - Oregon Health Sciences University - GI & Liver Pathology
  • Novae Simper, MD - Madigan Medical Center - Cytology
  • John Carpenter, MD - University of Arizona - GI & Liver Pathology
  • Torsten Nielsen, MD - University of British Columbia - Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology
  • Menaka Raju, MD - University of Arizona - Dermatopathology