Eun Hyun Ahn, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Eun Hyun Ahn, PhD


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Office Location:

Health Sciences Building K064

Mailing Address:

Box 357705
1959 NE Pacific St.
Seattle, WA 98195

Clinical and Research Background

Dr. Ahn’s current research interest is centered on: Breast cancer stem cell mutagenesis and DNA repair; and Microenvironmental regulation of cancer stem cells and carcinogenesis. Dr.Ahn’s previous research areas include: (1) Identification and biochemical characterization of target genes of PAX3-FOXO1 in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma; (2) Regulation of differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells and cardiac precursor cells by nanotopography-induced cellular stiffness and rigidity; (3) Roles of retinoic acids and retinoic acid receptorson proliferation, cell cycle, and cell signaling; (4) chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive mechanisms of sphingolipids in colon and breast cancers; Anti-tumorigenic activities of antisense oligonucleotides against AKT1 in various cancer cells.

Academic and Medical Appointments

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. 2011-Present Visiting Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. 2009-2010 (Summer & Winter) Assistant Professor, Chung-Ang University, Department of Food and Nutrition, South Korea. 2009-2011 Research Scientist, Rexahn Pharmaceuticals,Inc. Rockville, MD. 2008-2009

Education and Training

Post-doctoral researcher. University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. 2004-2007; Post-doctoral researcher. Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Institute of Human Nutrition. 2003-2004 Ph.D. Michigan State University, Dual Majors in Biochemical Nutrition & Environmental Toxicology, 1999-2003 M.S. Michigan State University. Biochemical Nutrition, 1996-1998 B.S. (Summa Cum Laude) HE Education/Chemistry, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea. 1995

Honors and Awards

Best Presentation Award, Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association, USA. 2008 Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Michigan State University. 2002 Olaf and Clarice Mickelsen Human Nutrition Scholarship, Rachel A. Schemmel. Graduate Student Research Scholarship, Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition, Michigan State University. 2002 International Student Tuition Fellowship, Michigan State University. 2001 National Dairy Leadership Scholarship (Awarded to 4 PhD students in the U.S.), National Milk Producers Federation, Arlington, VA. 2000 Erland Kondrup Fellowships, Michigan State University. 1999-2002 Conference Scholarships, The Graduate School (1998,1999), College of Human Ecology (1998-2002), Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition (1998-2002), Michigan State University. 1998-2002 First Honor (highest GPA in the dept. Fall 91, Spring 92, Fall 94), Second honor (second highest GPA in the dept., Spring 93) Scholarships, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea. 1991-1994 (Overall, graduated with the second highest GPA in the department in Feb. 1995)


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