Dermatopathology: Contact Information


Zsolt B. Argenyi, M.D.
Phone: 206 598-8994
Fax: 206 598-4928

Forms Required

Pathology Service Request Form / Copies of Pathology Reports

or call: 206-598-6400, or 1-800-598-6401

Administrative Assistance and/or Specimen Transport

Khady Cisse Sylla, Program Support, Supervisor
Phone: 206-598-7324
Fax: 206-598-4928

Tissue Handling/Shipping

Container-protected slides, tissue blocks, formalin-fixed tissue, or fresh tissue in transport media.

Attention: Dermatopathology Service
University of Washington Medical Center
Anatomic Pathology, Box 356100
1959 NE Pacific Street, BB-220
Seattle, WA 98195

Technical Laboratory Assistance

Vickie Johncox, Director of Anatomic Pathology Clinical Laboratories
Phone: 206-897-4882 Fax: 206-744-8240 Email:
For questions regarding immunofluorescence, call 206-598-4202

Fees or Insurance Information

Roy Brock, Associate Director of Anatomic Pathology Clinical Laboratories
Phone: 206-598-2755
Fax: 206-598-5068