Flow Cytometry: Endoscopic Biopsies

General Recommendations for the Handling of Endoscopic Biopsies - Colon and Esophagus

Specimen Required

Endoscopy biopsies placed in separate nuncs containing minimum essential media (MEM) plus 10% fetal calf serum and 10% DMSO. (If you are using your own transport media, which does not contain DMSO, do not freeze.)


It is important not to have the biopsies at room temperature during or after the endoscopy or during shipment. Exposure to room temperature can result in degradation, which can lead to false-positive aneuploid cell populations in the biopsies.


The label on each nunc should include the patient name, identification number, and location of the biopsy site (in centimeters distal to the proximal).


  • Ship the same day on wet ice.
  • Ship overnight on dry ice.
  • A Phone call to notify laboratory of shipment is appreciated. Please do not ship for weekend or holiday delivery.

Pathology Service Request Form Required

DNA Flow Cytometry Service Request Form

Flow Cytometry DNA Analysis Report

Report contains analysis results including histogram interpretation and supporting literature references.

Process Time

4 days from receipt.