Neuropathology: Conferences & Training Programs

The Neuropathology Service is a vibrant clinical service with several educational activities. Residents from UW Pathology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Pathology and Neurology residents from Madigan Army Medical Center, UW medical students, non-UW medical students, and visiting trainees and professors all regularly rotate on the Neuropathology Service.  Trainees on the Neuropathology Service are expected to:

  1. participate in neurosurgical, neuromuscular, and ocular pathology sign-out.
  2. participate in weekly neuropathology autopsy conferences at UWMC and Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH).
  3. attend weekly neuropathology surgical case review QA, and biweekly neuropathology autopsy case review conferences.
  4. participate in intraoperative consultations as possible.
  5. In addition to these activities, the Neuropathology Division has a large archive of study sets in neurosurgical, neuromuscular, ocular and neurodegenerative pathology for self study as well as a large library of digitized presentations on neuroanatomy and virtually every aspect of neuropathology.

Weekly Schedule - Neuropathology Division