Renal Pathology: Contact Information

Consultation and Interpretation

Charles Alpers, M.D.
Phone: 206-598-6409

Forms Required

Pathology Consult/Review Service Request Form

And one of the following:

Tissue Handling/Shipping

All specimens should be sent to the address below and should be accompanied by the forms listed above.

Attention: Renal Biopsy Services
UWMC - Anatomic Pathology, Box 356100
1959 NE Pacific Street, BB-220
Seattle, WA 98195

Service Delivery

To deliver the best service possible, we need to have you provide relevant history forms with the submitted renal biopsies. Most importantly, we need up to date contact information for reaching you or contact information for those physicians who provide your coverage after business hours. We make every effort not to disturb you unnecessarily, but we need to be able to reach you with emergent diagnoses such as crescentic glomerulonephritis and/or transplant rejection and/or infection whenever such diagnoses are established. Please let us know if your office or personal telephone numbers and/or pagers have changed, so we many update our internal directories.

Technical Laboratory Assistance

Questions and requests regarding renal biopsy fixatives and histology related technical service requests should be directed to Mr. Richard King, the renal biopsy technician.

Richard King
Renal Technician
Phone: 206.598.4028
Fax: 206.598.8049

Questions and requests regarding electron microscopy should be directed to Mrs. Chiyen Miller, the Electron Microscopy Lab head technician.

Chiyen Miller
Electron Microscopy Lab
Phone: 206.598.6411
Fax: 206.598.8049

Electron Microscopy Laboratory


University of Washington Medical Center
Room NW-279

Electron Microscopy Website