At the UW ADRC, we tackle the questions of Alzheimer’s through many different kinds of research, yet we believe that every research study must have improved clinical care as its ultimate end goal. Below, we have listed the doctors and staff members that you may meet if you participate in research at the Harborview Medical Center location of the UW ADRC—these investigators seek to combine research with the hands-on work of serving the Alzheimer’s community. Together, these clinical team members work to make the research experience as seamless and informative as possible for participants and their families.

The clinical researchers of the UW ADRC belong to the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Clinic Team.


Suman Jayadev, MD

Co-Leader, Clinical Core

Dr. Jayadev has extensively studied Alzheimer's disease in the context of genetic risk and cellular pathways influenced by AD genes. She studies the presenilin genes, whose associated proteins are linked to inflammatory processes that injure brain cells, thereby contributing to dementia. Dr. Jayadev trained in neurology, followed by neurogenetics and neuroinflammation at the University of Washington.
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Kimiko Domoto-Reilly, MD

Neurologist and Researcher

Dr. Domoto-Reilly is Assistant Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Radiology at the UW. Dr. Domoto-Reilly, who trained at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, is an expert in frontotemporal dementia and in the use of PET imaging methods to study the biomarker tau. She also works with patients in the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Clinic.
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Research and Clinical Trial Coordinators at Harborview Medical Center


Katy Sims, RN, MN

Research Nurse Coordinator