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Oct. 26, 2016

New Historical Timeline of Alzheimer Disease Research Milestones

Alzforum is out with a timeline of the fundamental discoveries and time-tested milestones in Alzheimer disease research since 1906.

Oct. 24, 2016


In a Worm, the Kraemer Lab Studies the Early Signs of Brain Disease

New clues to what kicks off neurodegeneration


Oct. 16, 2016

Air Pollution and Alzheimer’s Research: The Ins and Outs

UW researchers combine forces to identify the level at which air pollution raises dementia risk, a public health issue "affecting the cognitive health of everyone who breathes the air."


Talking Exomes

Genetic sequencing technology will feature largely in the future of Alzheimer disease prevention and tailored treatment





UW Alzheimer’s Research Center Turns 30

It's been a decades-long journey towards today's precision medicine approach to Alzheimer disease.


Tackling the Science of Brain Injury and Dementia Risk

A neuropathologist gives his perspective on new findings about the long-term consequences of head trauma in the general aging population and football players.





Gaming the Memory System

Researchers in the Buffalo Lab use videogames to figure out how the primate brain forms memories—and find clues to interventions for Alzheimer disease along the way.





Highlights of Alzheimer Discovery Conference 2016

Talks by UW experts addressed frontotemporal dementia, the unique needs of LGBTQ baby boomers, and the need for clinical trial participation.





What’s the Best Diet for the Aging Brain?

Q&A with Dr. Angela Hanson, who studies how diet and genetics can affect cognition and Alzheimer disease progression