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Welcome to our Cytogenetics resources page. The links on the left provide access to images and information on chromosome exsisting within humans, mice,and horses. The idiogram pages provide quick access to a select part of the chromosome. The Genome Machine provides a graphical interface to the Online Mendielian Inheritance in Man(OMIN) database. Mouse and Human spreads are provided under the chromosome spread links. Finally, mouse cytogenetics provides a link to information about the mouse genome.


The Idiogram Album files are PortableDocumentFormat(.pdf) versions of standard idiograms. These PDF files were created to be compatible with graphics software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Human set is based on the ISCN 1985 High Resolution Banding (ISCN 1985: An International System for Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature, Harden, D.G. and Klinger, H.P., eds., published in collaboration with Cytogenet. Cell Genet., Karger, Basel, 1985). Each human file contains idiograms for three resolutions of banding (400, 550, 850 total bands).The mouse set is adapted from Nesbitt and Francke (Chromosoma 41:145-158, 1973) and Edward Evans' standard karyotype from Lyon & Searle "Genetic variants & strains of the laboratory mouse" 2nd edition, OUP 1989. The following people have contributed ideas, suggestions and banding opinions: Christine Disteche and George Martin of the Department of Pathology, University of Washington; Roland Hubner, University of Liege.


These files are provided for use by individuals only. Use for or by "for profit" organizations is explicitly prohibited. You may not distribute the "Albums". Idiogram Album: Human and Idiogram Album: Mouse are copyrighted. You may copy the files for personal use only. You may use the files for research publication figures, meeting presentation slides. Use of these files in any way for commercial purposes is explicitly prohibited. Contact David Adler, see address below, for information about commercial licensing.


The sole responsibility for the use of these files is yours. No claim of accuracy is stated or implied. You assume all responsibility for inspecting all figures, slides, etc. that include these idiograms to insure standard and accepted chromosome banding patterns.

You may use and modify the files for the production of slides, publication graphics, posters. I would appreciate acknowledgement in publications using these files (see below).

Idiogram Album: Human copyright 1991 David Adler and Michael Willis

Idiogram Album: Mouse copyright 1992 David Adler.


David Adler, Ph.D.
Department of Pathology, University of Washington, Seattle
for the use of Idiogram Albums and the vision of creating a web site devoted to Cytogenetics.