Genome Machine:

©1994 David Adler

Experimental* Interface to GDB

(GenomeDataBase, Johns Hopkins University)

Locus Query

This is a simple experiment in graphical user interfaces to genetic databases. You can perform one type of query of GDB at this time: "What genes have been mapped to a particular chromosome location?" i.e. cytogenetic band. The search is an "overla p" GDB search for known genes only (not anonymous segments, breakpoints, etc). For more complex queries you can go directly to GDB.

To do a search: Click on the chromosome you want in the panel below (if you do not have this image map capability you will not be able to do graphical queries). You will then be presented with an enlarged idiogram of the chromosome selected to perf orm the actual query.

*All idiogram images are ©1991, 1994 David Adler. This experiment with the Web and GDB was conceived and developed by David Adler, Ted Holzman, Brian Pinkerton, David Basiji, Kristine Carroll (the Gorilla Softwar Group). Functions to be added include adjustable search parameters, selectable chromosomal ranges and links to other databases. We would like your feedback on this interface (email:

last revised 8/13/95