2017 Pathology Department Retreat: Agenda

Department of Pathology Retreat
October 13-14, 2017

Day 1 - Friday, October 13th, 2017

Time Event Location
  Arrival and Check In Sleeping Lady Front Desk
4:00pm Welcome (Peter Rabinovitch) Chapel Theater

Pathology Growing Points I: Regenerative Medicine
(C. Murry)

  • Jessica Young: “Developing Human Stem Cell Models of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis”
  • Jen Davis: CV Wound Healing
  • Scott Thies: “Evaluation of hESC-Cardiomyocytes in Nonhuman Primate Model of Myocardial Infarction”
Chapel Theater
4:45pm Poster Blitz
  1. Residents & AP Fellows
  2. Graduate Students
Chapel Theater
6:15pm Dr. John Iafrate, Keynote Lecture Chapel Theater
7:15pm Dinner King Fisher
8:15pm Evening Poster Session
(wine, beer, dessert, cheese…) light refreshments

Day 2 - Saturday October 14th, 2017

7:00am Breakfast Kingfisher
8:00am State of the Department (Charles Alpers) Chapel Theater
9:00am How Pathology Works: Placing Departmental
Finances in Perspective
(Justin Deese)
Chapel Theater

Pathology Growing Points II: Aging
Neurodegenerative Disease


  • Alex Mendenhall; “The Aging Worm: Pathologies of Individual Cells in Aging C. Elegans”
  • Daniel Promislow; “The Dog Aging Project”
  • Martin Darvas; “Modeling Neurodegenerative Diseases in Mice”
Chapel Theater
10:10am Break Salmon Gallery

Pathology Growing Points III: Diagnostic Pathology
Blitz or Hot Topics

(L. True)

  • Mark Kilgore; “Changes to Breast Cancer Staging in the 2018 AJCC Cancer Staging Manual (8th Ed.): Incorporating Biomarkers and Multigene Panels into Prognostic Stage Groups.”
  • Maria Tretiakova; "When one shoe does not fit all-provide slippers": update on PD-L1 IHC testing
  • P.J. Cimino; “An update on World Health Organization (WHO) glioma classification”
  • Lawrence True; “The Value of Rapid Autopsies in Better Understanding Cancer Biology”
Chapel Theater

Break-out Sessions: "Issues, opportunities and directions-Where to?"

  • Junior Faculty,
  • Sr. Faculty,
  • Residents & AP Fellows,
  • Grad Students, Post Docs
11:50am Lunch Kingfisher
12:40pm Compute Up! (David Chhieng) Chapel Theater
12:50pm Seeing Tissue in 3-D: Using a Light-Sheet Microscopy
  • Nick Reder
  • Larry True
Chapel Theater
1:05pm Is NGS the New H&E?
  • Colin Pritchard; “Clinical Experience with Targeted NGS Cancer Panels “
  • Scott Kennedy; “New Frontiers opened by Duplex Sequencing”
  • John Iafrate; “Experiences with Molecular Diagnostics”
Chapel Theater
1:45pm Research Updates
  • Daniel Gallego,
  • Joshua Lieberman via Andrew Bryan; “ Diagnosing Invasive Fungal Sinusitis: Integrating Molecular Microbiology, Culture, and Histopathology”
Awards for Basic/Clinical Partnership
  • Min Shi/Raj Kapur, “Luminex-based diagnosis of Hirschsprung Disease”
  • Daniel Promislow/Luis Gonzalez-Cuyar; “Genetic and metabolomic predictors of resiliency to Mn exposure in Drosophila Melanogaster”
Chapel Theater
2:25pm Break Salmon Gallery
2:40pm Pathology Growing Points IV: Neoplasia (E. Chen)
  • PJ Cimino; “Genomic visualization of diffuse gliomas with prognostically relevant molecular subtype discovery”
  • Rosana Risques; “Early Ovarian Cancer Detection Using Duplex Sequencing”
  • Mike Phelps; “Gene Editing Approaches to Identify and Target Genetic Vulnerabilities in Pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma”
Chapel Theater
3:20pm Breakout Discussion Group Reports Chapel Theater
3:50pm Chairs Summary (Charles Alpers) Chapel Theater
4:05pm Adjourn