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Hi! I'm Dan Bowen-Pope, the Faculty Coordinator and Director of the UW Pathology PhD Program. I'd like to welcome you to the Department and to our PhD Program in the Molecular Basis of Disease. You'll find a few key points below about Pathology, PhD training in Pathology at the University of Washington and about pathology careers. More detailed information on each of these topics can be found in this website. If for any reason you don't find what you're looking for, contact me. Again, welcome!

Pathology as a Field and Discipline

  • at the intersection of clinical medicine and basic biomedical science
  • encompasses all of medicine and experimental biology
  • plays a key role in disease recognition and diagnosis
  • aims to apply new knowledge and tools from the basic sciences to disease analysis and the understanding of disease mechanisms
  • longterm goals are to improve disease recognition, understand disease causation and pathogenesis, and to identify new treatments or preventions

The Department

  • founded in 1946 with the aim of developing and applying new tools to the analysis of human disease
  • the top NIH-funded Pathology Department in the US with a distinguished faculty of over 80 members providing training in clinical and experimental pathology
  • UW and Affiliated Hospitals and Research Institutions make Seattle a world center for human disease diagnosis, research and training

The UW Pathology PhD Training Program

  • PhD Training Program in Pathology established in 1960
  • disease and disease mechanism-focused research
  • rigorous graduate research training with state-of-theľart labs, equipment and technology
  • numerous collaborative and clinical research opportunities
  • flexibility to accommodate novel training pathways

What you can do with a Pathology PhD

  • PhD Program graduates are faculty members and staff scientists in leading academic centers, universities and research institutes worldwide
  • continued strong industry hiring of PhD scientists familiar with and focused on human disease research
  • wide range of employment opportunities guarantees choice of a range of careers in the most exciting areas of modern biomedical science
Again, our welcome! To learn more about the Department and PhD training, please follow our links to read more about us.
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