Genome Machine:

Experimental* Interface to GDB (GenomeDataBase, Johns Hopkins University)

Locus Query

* NOTE: The link below will take you directly to GDB. David Kulp, previously with GDB, extended our work on the graphical interface. The new, improved version provides buttons to modify the query, allowing much more flexible searching. We thank Ken Fasman and David Kulp for their support and the nice job implementing the interface on the GDB Web server. The new version however requires a "forms-capable" Web browser so we will continue to provide access to th e old version until "forms-capable" browsers are reliable on all platforms.

Gorilla Softwar Group: David Adler, Ted Holzman, Brian Pinkerton, Kristine Carroll, David Basiji

Go to "Ideogram-based Searching" at GDB


Click here if your Web browser cannot handle forms


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