photo of Billy Chen

Billy Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow

Graduate Education

Boston University

Personal Statement:

Billy grew up in Los Angeles before finding his way to Boston for medical school at Boston University. There, he completed his MD/PhD with brief stints at Vanderbilt and the National Institute of Health in Bethesda. His research interests have primarily revolved around the heart. His PhD focus was on sarcomere homeostasis, studying Ankrd1/CARP and its role in doxorubicin induced sarcopenia and cardiomyopathy. At the NIH, he helped with MRI validation studies looking at regions-at-risk post myocardial infarction. He joined the Murry lab in 2015 after moving to Seattle and working as a hospitalist at University of Washington Medical Center. His research currently focuses on stem cell therapies in post infarct models.