photo of Kaytlyn Gerbin

Kaytlyn Gerbin, Postdoctoral Fellow

Graduate Education

University of Washington

Undergraduate Education

University of Wisconsin

Personal Statement:

Kaytlyn graduated with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in 2011. As an undergraduate researcher she worked on a project that used charged peptides and electroporation to improve cellular gene and drug delivery. After graduation she moved to Seattle to blend her interests in math/engineering and medicine and to pursue a PhD in Bioengineering, and joined the Murry Lab in 2012. Kaytlyn’s research projects in the Murry Lab have included cardiac tissue engineering, cellular genetic engineering, biomaterials, Notch signaling, and transplantation studies using cells and engineered tissues. Her thesis research focused on using tissue engineering methods to improve cell transplantation in pre-clinical models of myocardial infarction. She completed her PhD in December 2016, and is currently finalizing experiments as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab. During her graduate work, Kaytlyn was fortunate to have support from the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the UW Bioengineering Cardiovascular Training Grant. Outside of the lab, she enjoys exploring the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.