photo of Peter Hofsteen

Peter Hofsteen, Postdoctoral Fellow

Graduate Education

University of Wisconsin

Personal Statement:

Dr. Hofsteen began his research as an undergraduate studying midge larvae populations as a biosensor for ecotoxicology in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Following graduation, Dr. Hofsteen worked as a toxicologist in industry until pursing a PhD at the University of Wisconsin. His thesis centered on understanding how the orphan aryl hydrocarbon receptor regulated early zebrafish heart development and regeneration. Dr. Hofsteen joined the Murry lab to further his understanding of the molecular mechanisms of heart development and disease. In collaboration with the lab of Randall T Moon, his current research focuses on investigating directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells towards cardiac lineages and zebrafish developmental models to unravel the ambiguities of early heart development and regeneration.